Dr. Baowei Fei was named as a Distinguished Investigator by the Academy of Radiology Research

The award is to recognize individuals for their accomplishments in imaging research. The program is intended to especially encourage those who have achieved scientific excellence while still being involved in clinical care, but it is not limited to clinician scientists only. Recipients of this award will become a member of the Council of Distinguished Investigators of the Academy of Radiology Research. The Academy of Radiology Research is an alliance of 28 professional imaging societies. Established in 1995, the Academy was the catalyst for creating the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB), for supporting its growth and development, for accelerating investment in vital imaging research areas by other NIH institutes, and for building support for radiology and imaging in Congress and the Executive Branch. The Academy is the umbrella organization to the Coalition for Imaging and Bioengineering Research (CIBR) and the Academic Council (ARRAC).– June 2013

For more information about Academy of Radiology Research, please visit: http://www.acadrad.org