Novel Imaging Technique and AI Create Smart Microscope for Cancer Surgery

Dr. Baowei Fei and his group have recently used a unique imaging technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to predict the presence of cancer cells in tissue samples. This hyperspectral imaging technique is effective in satellite imagery and orbiting telescopes. It could be used to quickly identify cancer cells in the operating room as well. Analyzing 293 tissue samples from 102 head and neck cancer surgery patients, Fei and colleagues found that hyperspectral imaging and AI could be used to predict cancer cell presence with 80-90% accuracy. Dr. Fei recently received a $1.6 million grant from the Cancer Prevention & Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) to continue improving this smart surgical microscope. Once this approach is fully developed, it would need to be tested in clinical studies before being used in the live healthcare environment. For more information, visit the following website: