Undergraduate Student Selected as IEEE Regional Representative

MD Fiaz Islam Bhuiyan has been appointed the role of Regional Student Representative for IEEE Region 5 that encompasses  12 Southwestern States: CO, KS, MO, OK, AR, TX, LA, and parts of IL, WY, ND, SD, and NM. At the beginning of February, Fiaz had the honor to represent IEEE Region 5 at the 2020 IEEE global Student Activities Committee (SAC) meeting in Portland, Oregon. He gave voice to the needs of over 90 Student Branches in Region-5 and planned to organize events and competitions to engage the student branches in technical and leadership pursuits. Fiaz also worked with IEEE global SAC in creating a framework and opportunities for student engagement at the global scale through competitions like the IEEEXtreme programming contest and Virtual Speakers program. For more details about IEEE student activities visit: https://students.ieee.org/committee/