World-Class Imaging Scientist, Cancer Scholar Joins University

Dr. Baowei Fei, an imaging scientist and cancer scholar whose work has transformed medical imaging and intervention for cancer care, recently joined the UT Dallas Department of Bioengineering. Dr. Fei was inspired by a speech by University President Richard C. Benson that he paraphrases: “‘We are still giving shape to this superb University, defining purpose and creating tradition that will last for 100 years and more. Put simply: you are founders,’” Dr. Fei’s group developed a technology called the molecular imaging directed, 3D ultrasound-guided biopsy system, which improves upon 2D systems by allowing for earlier detection of potentially cancerous cells in the prostate. Dr. Fei led the first clinical trial of positron emission tomography (PET) combined with ultrasound fusion targeted biopsy of the prostate. His research group also is investigating a technology called hyperspectral imaging for its potential use in biological and medical applications, such as real-time detection of cancer cells during surgery for complete removal of the tumor. The technology provides information about healthy and diseased tissues based on how they interact with various wavelengths of light.