High-resolution Small Animal PET/CT (microPET/CT)

Preclinical PET and CT imaging solutions provide insight into disease biology and evaluation of novel therapeutic options in small animal models. Siemens Inveon is a revolutionary preclinical imaging platform, providing integrated small animal PET and CT imaging and analysis. A brilliant combination of cutting-edge technologies with multiple configuration options, Inveon is available as a fully combined system with single or multimodality configurations. This system is located at the Center for Systems Imaging on the second floor of Wesley Woods Health Center Building.

Figure 11. MicroPET and MR imaging for tumor response assessment in mice. High-resolution MRI and PET images are registered using our multimodality image registration software. After image fusion, the overlay image shows both MRI (gray) and microPET (red). The rendering image (blue from MRI and red from PET) shows both anatomical structure and metabolic information. B Fei, HS Wang, RF Muzic, CA Flask, DL Wilson, JL Duerk, DK Feyes, NL Oleinick, “Deformable and rigid registration of MRI and microPET images for photodynamic therapy of cancer in mice,” Medical Physics, vol. 33, No. 3, pp. 753-760, 2006. Abstract|Full Text

High-resolution micro-CT imaging for mouse bone structure